4 essentials to dating online

Published: 07th February 2012
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In this guide to the world of online dating, we give you a number of expert advice on how to find dating sites which work for you. We look at a number factors, such as, site reputation, member list numbers, quality of personality screening, cost and value of the service, to bring you the best advice.

At the rate the internet age continues to expand, It is now a multi-billion dollar industry that has expanded all around the world. Online dating is getting bigger and bigger, which means more people are using this form of communication to get dates, which means more choice for those who use them.
Since it is expanding, and expanding very fast, it is really important to consider ways to find dating sites that work for you. We (below) give a few detailed tips on what to look for before signing up for any dating site on the net.

1. Site reputation.
How positive is the sites reputation, specifically on how it keeps their customer's personal information safe.
Personal safety should be everyone's main priority not only for themselves but for all individuals looking to use that dating site.
A good method to figure out the credibility of a site is to read the reviews given by other users and other websites referring to that particular site. Most individuals will usually give a truthful opinion of their own experience and you can get a good idea of your possible experience with the site.

2. Members list.
When trying to look for a site which suites your specific needs, you want a website which will have large numbers of members to pick and choose from, companies which have been in business for a while will have larger member lists bear in mind.
Hence, this is why most people usually recommend joining a sites like eHarmony or Match.com. With sites like these you can be rest assured that there will be thousands of good matches for you to choose from and hence the more selection you have when choosing a potential partner.

3. Quality of online screening test.
This is dating agencies way of ensuring a more efficient and simple process of matching potential couples based on personal preferences. The weaker the test the less likely that genuine singles will be listed and the less likely you will be matched with someone of your preferences. Therefore, to ensure a positive and successful dating experience, tests must be efficient.
Good examples of such screening tests come from websites eharmony and be2. Both are reputable dating sites. Definetly worth a check.

4. Cost of services to value of services.
Usually, the amount you pay to sign up is a reflection of how much value the website has, if the price is high then you expect the quality of matches to be high and the numbers to be strong.
Free sites do offer large databases, however, generally they do not offer good screening and services which will cause a lot of restrictions to the process of being matched up with person you want.
This is something that you will come understand better as you do more research and compare dating websites.
For instance, even though oasis.com is a free website, it has many weaknesses which paying a fee would correct. Therefore, ultimately it is your decision to whether the value of certain services offered by a fee paying online dating site has to offer. Some of the benefits of paying for a dating site are as follows:
- No ads.
- High quality candidates.
- Larger number of potential candidates.
- People who are more likely to arrange a meet up.
- Stronger matches for a better match.
If you want to save yourself the time and effort to do such research then I suggest you check out our well informed and neutral website.
Our team have spent a fair few years studying and helping others succeed in the online dating world. We have now put up indepth reviews of the best online dating sites.

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